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About School Tours

Tishbite Travel, your Perth based group travel specialist, designs tailor made itineraries for history, language, performing arts, science and sporting tours.

As little or as much as you need - Our services can include:

  • # Airfare quotes, and negotiation of free of charge seats for accompanying teachers.
  • # Accommodation options - twin, triple, or quad share as needed.
  • # Research and negotiation to contract highly specialised ground operators for a tailor-made itinerary for your tour.
  • # Continuous contact and liaison with suppliers for planning behind the scenes access, master class workshops, study programs etc.
  • # Group travel insurance, visa advice & processing.
  • # Cash-cards providing students with safe & secure travel money.
  • # Sightseeing activities in addition to the educational program to enrich your group's cultural experience.
  • # Attendance at parent information evening to assist with all tour/travel related enquiries.

Our knowledgeable senior advisors have the experience and understanding necessary to assist you with all aspects of the tour. We use our strong relationships with suppliers & wholesalers worldwide to negotiate the best possible price for your tour to meet the required budget.

Purchasing wholesale also entitles us to a 24-hour support network to ensure your tour runs smoothly from start to finish.

Your personal tour coordinator & guides :

  • # Selected based on the group's specific needs.
  • # Adaptable & flexible, and serve as a single contact to manage your tour from arrival to departure.
  • # Up to date with information about upcoming performances, and access to tickets to even the most in demand performances (often before they go on sale to the public!).

Tishbite Travel's extensive group expertise is of great value to any school group, saving you time, effort and money. Contact Andrea at Tishbite Travel to discuss how we can streamline your next educational tour. We welcome the opportunity to prepare a quote for you.

Performing Arts Programs in NewYork:

Tishbite Travel can assist you in creating an itinerary to focus on a single discipline or every aspect of the arts.

Broadway shows & beyond:

From exhilarating Broadway musicals and vibrant new American plays, to Greek tragedies and Shakespearean classics, New York truly has something for everyone and our programs can provide your group with the most comprehensive theatre experience available. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the best of Broadway, as well as the vital off-Broadway productions, customising the experience to be both educational & entertaining.

Musical treasures of NewYork:

From the grandeur of Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Opera to intimate concert venues throughout the city, we can open the door to an extraordinary world of music for your group. Themed tours can focus on music of specific periods, choral or orchestral music, jazz, or contemporary composers; or your group can embark on a journey that encompasses many of the musical treasures that New York has to offer.

Destination dance NYC:

Considered by many to be the dance capital of the world, the diversity of dance in New York City is truly astounding and the entire spectrum of dance is available to you. Tours can focus on a particular genre of dance, a specific choreographer or company's work, or can survey a wide variety of styles. We help you design unique educational opportunities for your students, including private master classes with the performers they will be seeing on stage.

Masterclasses & Workshops:

ACTING: Character development, Improvisation, Scene Study, Auditioning, Story- telling (best for younger students 8-11), Musical Theatre Workshops, Stage Combat

DANCE: Musical Theatre Dance, Any type of Dance Discipline, Dance Audition Master Class

MUSIC: Vocal Performance, Learn a Song from one of the Performances the Group will be Seeing, Performance Critique (both the group and/or individual soloists can perform and receive feedback from a Broadway cast member or industry professional best suited for the group's level).

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